5 toolboxes that every marketeer should know about

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by Ruben Best, former Consultant at VORN Strategy Consulting

The marketing world is becoming more complex every day. Gathering true insights is getting trickier and trickier. The internet is both the driver of this complexity but also here to save the day.

We have hand-picked a small selection of tools from the interweb that provide helpful sources of information and inspiration for our daily life. Our advice: Check it out, get inspired and keep it in mind for your next projects.

  1. Open Strategy
    The platform offers a wide range of tools that are free of charge and categorised by marketing subjects. Sources, which help to generate insights about target groups, markets and competitors, can be found intuitively and straight away.
 Furthermore, a variety of frameworks and templates are available, which can be perfectly used as sources of inspiration and learning support.
  2. Cognitive Lode
    Purchase decisions are rarely a conscious process. Cognitive Lode offers a variety of methods, that are used in behavioural psychology, to push consumers’ purchase decisions in a specific direction and unconsciously determine their choice.
It contains many useful hints and tricks, which explain insights on the human mind and also support us to develop better products and services.
  3. Service Design Tools
    Service Design is all about the development of products and services, which are consequently seen from the perspective of the target group. The platform provides a collection of design methods and related disciplines such as ethnography, sociology, economics and psychology, which can help to develop customer and market orientated services. Methods are organised by stages of a design process, the desired outcome and relevant target groups. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the creation of workshops.
  4. ZoomyApp
    A picture paints a thousand words. Pictures are the best means to visualise information, express an atmosphere or create appealing presentations. ZoomyApp helps you with what is normally an annoying search for images. It can access a database of over forty different image sources with CC0 license, while also offering a direct download feature. The tool is capable of looking for specific colour palettes, grouping favourite photos in folders and creating collections. 
A must-have for the visualisation of good presentations.
  5. Hyper Island Toolbox
    A toolbox to organise and conduct creative and collaborative teamwork. Hyperisland stands for numerous methods and activities that are simply explained and categorised for different purposes.
The perfect toolbox for the organisation and conception of workshops.

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