Verkaufskanäle: Vielfalt führt zum Erfolg / Der Mix macht’s

von Xenia Schwarz

Marken müssen die immer größere Rolle von Social Media im Inspirations- und Kaufprozess erkennen und ihr einen höheren Stellenwert in ihrer Media-Strategie verleihen. So können die Kunden über die richtigen Kanäle gezielter zum Produktkauf geführt werden. (mehr …)


In his book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, Nir Eyal explains the basic criteria for product and service development that need to be fulfilled in order to promote customers’ regular usage and cause a positive addiction.

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By Matthias Breitschaft, Jonas Gorris and Ruben Best

Products and services as solutions to our daily problems

We use various digital products and services every day without thinking about why we actually do so. But if we wouldn’t use those services, there would be something missing for us. Dramatically said: We are addicted.

There are some really obvious examples for these kinds of addictive products: We use Facebook and Instagram to tackle boredom, Google against uncertainty and Amazon due to our hunting instinct for the cheapest products. Besides those omnipresent examples, everyone uses individual products and services in order to solve tiny to major problems in their daily life.

And this is where we get to the bottom of it: A business that manages to spot the problem of customers or offers a solution in the form of a brand or product experience will nearly run successfully by itself. Especially when spontaneous interaction with customers is an essential part of the business model, it is necessary to develop these kinds of products to stay competitive on the market.

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