Immersive Marketing

8 ways your marketing could benefit from using VR technology right now


by Tom Davis, Ruben Best and Jom Werling

Last Tuesday we gave you some general reasons for using VR, but also described the challenges that the technology will have to overcome to reach its full marketing potential. In this article we will expand on that by examining specific opportunities that VR technology presents for marketers, as well as case studies showing how brands are already seizing these to promote themselves and their products.

The opportunities VR presents for Marketing:

Opportunity 1: Make intangible experiences tangible prior to purchase

All purchases of future experiences, such as trips, events or outdoor activities,  go hand in hand with a degree of uncertainty. Virtual reality can help to at least partially reduce this. The travel sector has been experimenting with virtual reality for a while and uses it to enable users to take virtual tours through hotels, resorts or cruise ships.

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Immersive Storytelling

4 advantages of VR and 4 challenges the technology still faces


by Tom Davis, Ruben Best and Jom Werling

VR seems to be the big new buzzword in marketing. As with every such development, marketers are struggling to find ways in which they can seize this new opportunity for advertising. The following article discusses the reasons brands should use VR and the four greatest challenges facing the technology.

Why use VR?

#1 VR lets people completely  immerse themselves in your content

VR eliminates distractions and can draw all of your customer’s attention and focus to the message you as a brand want to tell. The possibilities this presents for moving storytelling and emotional impact are much greater than anything advertising over more traditional media channels can offer. Telling stories has always been at the heart of human existence and VR is  helping define and create an entirely new way of doing this.

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